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Tom Of Finland

Tom of Finland honoured with new set of emojis

The gay erotic artist will be immortalised in tribute to his taboo-busting drawings

Finland are paying tribute to iconic homoerotic artist Touko Laaksonen, otherwise known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland. He is one of seven new additions to the country’s 49-strong emoji set celebrating Finnish culture, being the first country to produce its own national emojis.

Noted for his provocative, taboo-breaking artwork – drawn with “photorealistic attention to detail” – and advocacy for gay rights, it comes as same-sex marriage becomes legal in Finland from the start of March and as a new biopic of Laaksonen, directed by Dome Karukoski, is set for release.

Laaksonen is being commemorated for his “significant contribution to the advancement of human rights, advocating for tolerance, respect and freedom”. The film’s promotional website also features its own set of cheeky, Tom-inspired emojis.

Although he described his work as just “dirty drawings”, the Tom of Finland Foundation believe that his work “for sheer homoeroticism, will probably never be surpassed”. Laaksonen said himself that he was proud of the fact “that the men I draw having sex are proud men having happy sex”.

Watch the trailer for the film below. It goes out in cinemas from February 24.