Watch Winona Ryder discuss her role in Stranger Things

In a new behind the scenes featurette, the cult icon shares her on-set experiences

How amazing is Netflix’s Stranger Things? Despite only being on the site for a couple of weeks, the eight-part horror series has basically bewildered the entire world; inspiring video essays, lengthy conspiracy theories, and a slew of Comic Con cosplay. And it’s not so surprising, really. This is a TV show that stars Winona Ryder – a cult icon – and includes references to Twin Peaks, The Goonies and E.T. How could it ever be bad?

Now, to keep up with the growing demand from fans, a new behind the scenes featurette has dropped. Focusing on Winona Ryder’s role as single mother Joyce Byers, the three-minute clip includes an interview with the actress herself, as well as contributions from the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer. “The thing about Winona is she's just completely fearless,” they explain. “She jumps in all the way, 100 per cent, and that's what you need for the Joyce character.”

The actress – who is called both “dynamite” and a “livewire” by her co-star David Harbour – also goes into a little more depth about her role; describing Joyce’s motives and the reason she agreed to take on the part. “It was a genre that I hadn't explored before,” she reveals. “I was grateful that they trusted that I could get to those places.”

Watch the full featurette above.