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Parisians defy terrorists by celebrating in bars and cafes

City dwellers are using the ‘#JeSuisEnTerrasse’ hashtag to show their lack of fear

In a moving tribute to the 129 people who lost their lives on Friday, Parisians are now rallying around the bars and cafes the city has become famous for. Using social media to defiantly celebrate their freedom, revellers have adopted the hashtag “#JeSuisEnTerrasse” (“I am on the terrace”) to show their lack of fear.

“The way I see it is that French people have never and will never bow under terror,” fashion student Vaiana Guego told CNN. “I don’t know if it will achieve anything but I want to show that we are standing up (to the terrorists). I was afraid and sad the first night. I lit up a candle for the victims. But now what good would it bring to stay at home? This weekend I have close friends coming to Paris and (we) are going to celebrate life for them.”

The tragic attacks – which took place at a music venue, football stadium and a number of cafes – were seen by many as an assault on the most joyous and fun-loving parts of French culture. The majority of people that died were having drinks, eating at restaurants or just letting loose on a Friday night. However, while such a terrible loss may make people more frightened to carry out their lives in this way, Parisians are now showing that they aren't going to let it affect them.

The move has been encouraged by local venues and the Fooding restaurant guide – all of whom have been urging residents to get back to their normal way of life. A statement released by the Monsieur Bleu restaurant even called for Parisians to go out for a meal, and observe a minute of silence at 9pm last night. “What was targeted was our way of life, our city’s identity and culture, the happiness of living together,” they wrote.

It was a message that was similar to the one spread by Charlie Hebdos latest cover, which features a man drinking champagne despite a number of bullet holes running through his body. “They have weapons,” it reads. “Fuck them. We have the champagne.”

UPDATE: Police are currently at a stand off with the remaining suspects of the Paris attacks, who have been found in a rented flat in Saint Denis. At the time of writing, five have been arrested – though the siege is still underway.