Sonja Hamad
Art & PhotographyPhotographing the women fighting ISIS in Kurdistan
Science & TechTalking to the hackers dumping porn on Isis websites
LGBT unit
PoliticsFirst LGBT unit formed to fight Isis in Syria
MusicHow Istanbul’s music community is making sense of terrorism
Arts+CultureHow can culture change the world in dark political times?
Arts+CultureAnonymous spam Isis with gay porn after Orlando attack
anonymous releases noob guide
Arts+CultureAnonymous calls off war on Isis after Orlando shooting
Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 18.27.14
Arts+CultureIsis Twitter accounts bombarded with nudes by pornbots
Arts+CultureMusic festivals could be next terror target in the UK
Arts+CultureAnonymous has declared war on Isis (again)
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.13.07
Arts+CultureWatch out Mark Zuckerberg, Isis is coming for you
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.34.58
Arts+CultureHollywood joins the fight against Isis
Arts+CultureThe journalists working in the most dangerous place on earth
donald trump
Arts+CultureTrump wants to ban Muslims, the UK might be banning Trump
the world
Arts+CultureWhat we should care about in 2016
anonymous releases noob guide
Arts+CultureAnonymous have apparently foiled their first terror attack
Arts+CultureAccording to Anonymous, today is ‘Isis trolling day’
quack isis pictures
Arts+Culture4chan mocks Isis with hundreds of rubber ducks
syrian refugee
Arts+CultureSyrian refugee feeds the homeless to ‘give something back’
anonymous hackers
Arts+CultureAnonymous hacks Isis, replaces propaganda with drugs ads
eagles of death metal
MusicEagles of Death Metal want to be first band to play Bataclan
crazy cats internet
Arts+CultureBelgians respond to terror raids with Tumblr cats
isis bookshop in denver
Arts+CultureIsis bookshop vandalised for fifth time, won’t change name
Blindfolded Muslim asks citizens of Paris for trust
Arts+CultureBlindfolded Muslim asks citizens of Paris for trust