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Isis Twitter accounts bombarded with nudes by pornbots

Hackers have apparently set up hundreds of fake accounts featuring lots of graphic images

Isis have once again found themselves the target of hackers. They’ve been rickrolled in the past, but this time it’s pornbots causing hassle. According to AhlulBayt News the pornbots do not tweet, but just follow known Isis accounts with hundreds of accounts in a minute, all of them featuring graphic imagery, something unlikely to impress Isis fighters trying to concentrate.

The hacker collective Anonymous was behind the rickrolling epidemic of 2015, a movement that saw Isis hashtags bombarded with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. So far, no person or organisation has come forward to claim responsibility for this pornbot pile-on. Some Twitter users following developments have commented that a lot of Isis accounts have locked while they find to find a solution.

The Isis media agency Amaq reportedly had to disable its account, while another account saw its follower count jump from 50 to 800. Normally, that’d be a cause for celebration but alas it was just 750 non-tweeting pornbots. You know what they say – sex sells...and shuts down Isis Twitter accounts.