Watch androids go on a warehouse killing spree

Exclusive footage of romantic robot trysts and A.I horrors in our not-too-distant future

Human automation isn’t as far away as you would think. Robots can be programmed to play ping-pong, populate factory lines and even run a successful hotel. Gloria is the film that’s bringing the terrifying consequences to the forefront.

The second short film from Liam Fay-Fright, Gloria follows Ian, a Liverpudlian plant worker at ‘Zamano’ Corporation. He’s monitored by a female robotic voice, which charts his efficiency to make him hit ever-escalating targets, in a bid to reach a promotion that will get him closer to the mysterious boss and object of his affections.

His useless best mate and a rival foreman are obstacles in his pursuit of Gloria, but along the way, the sudden deaths of his co-workers and a realisation that he’s never touched anyone in the plant makes things go from weird to downright robots-run-the-world level crazy.

With production funded from a Kickstarter campaign, a real plant location and a crew of friends, Gloria explores the dangers of an artificial intelligence-led, terrifyingly inevitable future. Watch it exclusively here.