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Henn-na Hotel in Japan
Japan’s Henn-na Hotel has some cheery robo-staff to make your stay comfortablePhotography by Trevor Williams, via Mashable

Would you spend a night in Japan’s new robot hotel?

A staff of humanoid robots and hospitable dinos graciously welcomes you to Henn-na Hotel

Henn-na Hotel in Sasebo, Japan, isn’t your run-of-the-mill, free buffet-toting Holiday Inn. Instead of a staff of inept concierges à la Tim Curry in Home Alone 2, Henn-na Hotel – which translates to “Strange Hotel” in English – is manned by a troop of superfuture humanoid robots.

Scheduled to open this Friday (time to rethink your weekend plans?), guests can step right into the future as the hotel features a robotic cloak system to handle baggage, room doors that open by face-recognition technology, and rather cute anthropomorphic dinosaurs to aid in a smooth check-in. Other robots in the lobby greet visitors, serve coffee and act as concierge. So basically, Henn-na Hotel is that Disney TV movie Smart House come to life.

It started as a way to cut labour costs, and quickly evolved into a race to create the world’s wackiest hotel. Creepy? A little. The way of the future? You betcha. View more images here and watch a customer being served by an affable velociraptor below: