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This is what happens when two men hold hands in Russia

A YouTube experiment sheds light on how gay people might be perceived and treated on the streets of Moscow

We’ve seen these types of experiments before – catcalling in New York, a guy in Hackney approaching women to date them the "old-fashioned way" or two guys holding hands in the street to see what happens. This one takes on the format of the latter example, except it does it in Moscow, where government attitudes towards gay people aren’t exactly friendly. Being openly LGBT in Russia is considered dangerous by many.

To that end, Russian YouTubers ChebuRussiaTV decided to show the world what happen when two men walk down the street holding hands in Moscow. The responses weren’t exactly positive, which may not be that surprising considering the amount of homophobic propaganda that is churned out by the State all the time. They’ve banned the "promotion" of an LGBT "lifestyle" and even prevented trans people from driving, such is the government’s support for a heteronormative society.

These men were called "gays", "faggots" and physically assaulted. Watch the video for a taster of what it’s like to be openly gay in Russia (it no doubt happens in the UK too).