What if your last name was Hitler?

Watch an exclusive clip of a documentary about the people with the most unfortunate surname ever

“Happy Holidays from the Hitlers!” Even alliteration diehards don’t want that on a Christmas card. But that’s exactly what landed in the letterbox of director Matt Ogens, whose friend from university had married someone with the surname Hitler. Struck by the incident, Ogens set out to ask the many Hitlers from around the world why they won’t change their name for his stunning new documentary, Meet the Hitlers. Whether they’re Neo-Nazis or simply have the unluckiest family name, every Hitler faces a tough life – you’re probably judging them right now. With dark humour and sinister discoveries, Meet the Hitlers investigates the notion of identity, the importance of a name, and why you should be glad you’re not called Hitler. Presented by Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock and ahead of its international premiere at the Manchester Film Festival, director Matt Ogens explores how different Hitlers cope with their own surname.

Meet the Hitlers director Matt Ogens: “With someone like Heath Campbell, who named his son Adolf Hitler and his daughter Arian Nation, it turns more disturbing and sad. His children were removed from the home and are currently in foster care. It's not easy to conduct an interview with a giant Swastika flag hanging over your subject – especially when you’re Jewish and have relatives who were killed in the Holocaust. Some try to banish the name from the world forever, like the three Hitler brothers who made a pact to never marry or bear children so their bloodline would die with them. Some use the name to push buttons and further a political agenda. Others break down and weep.”

Meet the Hitlers debuts at Manchester Film Festival on Friday 10 July