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Ken Loach on the set of The Old Oak, 2023
Film & TVKen Loach: ‘Keir Starmer is the worst Labour leader there’s ever been’
The Boy and the Heron Hayao Miyazaki
Film & TVThe 10 films you need to catch at London Film Festival
Fremont, 2023
Film & TVFremont: a must-see comedy about the refugee experience
Passages 2023 Franz Rogowski Ben Whishaw Adele Exarchopoulos
Film & TVPassages star Franz Rogowski’s journey from dancer to indie film muse
Rotting in the Sun, 2023
Film & TVRotting in the Sun: a gay, nudist existential comedy
Film & TVLouis Garrel on love, his mum and his new crime-heist romcom The Innocent
Film & TVScrapper director Charlotte Regan is breaking class ceilings
Film & TVLie With Me, a gay teen romance set in the land of Cognac
Film & TVIra Sachs on Passages: ‘My job is to pleasure the audience’
Film & TVL’immensita, a film about trans teen life in 70s Rome
Film & TVTalk to Me: new A24 horror is like ‘a big, personal, therapeutic poo’
The Damned Don't Cry 2
Film & TVThe Damned Don’t Cry, a queer drama about sex work in Morocco
Film & TVGregg Araki: ‘It’s disconcerting how topical The Doom Generation is’
Film & TVCharlie Brooker on Black Mirror and the ‘powerful advantages’ of AI
Film & TVMedusa Deluxe, a new whodunit set in the world of competitive hairdressing
Ladainian, Riley, Gina on set
Film & TVWar Pony: Riley Keough delves into her directorial debut
Film & TVAmanda: a film about being young, beautiful and friendless
Beau is Afraid, 2023 (Film Still)
Film & TVAri Aster does not want to make things easy for you
Dario Argento Suspiria 1977
Film & TVDario Argento: ‘I did not enjoy Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria so much’
Film & TVPlan 75, a dystopian Japanese sci-fi about ageing
Return to Seoul, 2023
Life & CultureReturn to Seoul follows one woman’s emotional quest to find her family
Blue Caftan film 2023
Film & TVBlue Caftan, the heart-wrenching gay love story set in Morocco
Rodeo-4-© CG CINEMA
Film & TVRodeo: this gnarly biker heist-thriller is like a feminist Fast & Furious
Film & TVNew film Sick Of Myself satirises our sad, insatiable desire for clout