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Gmail is going to help you take back your horrible mistakes

Emailed a boss some nudes? Sent your grandma some sweet nothings? Google is going to let you unsend all the awful things you mailed to the wrong person

We all know what it feels like. The pang in the stomach, the cold sweats, the frantic panic as you hit buttons that you know won't do anything. Maybe you've sent an email full of horrible stuff to the person you're saying all the horrible stuff about. Maybe you've emailed a nude to your mum. Maybe you've hit "reply all" with a cannon of toxic personal information. The future is here, and from time to time we fuck it up. Google however, is coming to our rescue.

The tech giant has introduced an "undo send" feature that offers a maximum period of 30 seconds to rescind your grim error. Thirty whole seconds! I could do about five somersaults in that time. That's easily enough time to realise you've sent depravity to the wrong person and gives you ample opportunity to reel that badboy back in.

To enable the feature just go to Settings in your Gmail and switch it on. There's no reason in the world why you wouldn't. Life is anxious enough as it is, go easy on yourself.