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Illma Gore tattoo girl

Meet the girl who will tattoo your name on her body for $10

Illma Gore wants to turn her body into a crowdsourced ‘piece of unsellable artwork’

Illma Gore is a 22-year-old woman from Los Angeles who has just launched one of the boldest Kickstarter campaigns that we've seen. Gore, who clearly already has an affinity for inking, has announced her project to get strangers' names or messages tattooed all over her body. Or as she puts it: "Help me cover my body in tattoos before I'm sick and old and knitting mittens for lobsters."

It's pretty cheap too – I could get my name tattooed on Gore's leg for just $10, which at today's rates works out at £6.57. I've definitely spent more on worse. 

Gore says that she currently has 47 tattoos, although she's not sure. She got her first when she sneaked her way into a tattoo parlour at 15, using a friend's ID. "She looked nothing like me," she tells us. "She was tanned!" 

So why cover yourself in other people's names? "It's a piece of unsellable artwork," she explains. "Every name or word will represent someone's own personal story. Think of it like one big artwork made up of a couple hundred little ones. I wanted to put an original piece of art into the world that involved the people who make it up. No personal financial gain. That's why names are $10 – for accumulation, not profit."

The only requests she's turning down are any messages to do with hate or discrimination. Other than that, she doesn't discriminate. She's happy to go ahead with it, even if "half the names are 'Penis Butt'", as she puts it. Once the work is done, Gore hopes to stage an exhibition in Los Angeles, showing herself as a singular tattoo. 

As it stands, Gore's Kickstarter campaign has attracted 469 backers. Funding was suspended after she raised $11,072, way over her $6,000 goal. That's an awful lot of names to fit on one human body. 

"Almost every mentally stable person has told me not to do this," she says. "I understand their views. But it's my vision – they don't have to like it, I'm cool with that."