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Unicode Consortium announces 37 potential new emojis

You might finally get that "Taco" and "Unicorn Face" emoji you've always wanted

Earlier this month, the Unicode Consortium announced that it was releasing a set of more racially diverse emojis after complaints that the language wasn't yet fully representative, alongside the 250 new emojis added in the Unicode 7.0 update in June. Now our shadowy emoji overlords have released 37 candidates for next year's update, including "Taco", "Unicorn Face" and "Dhyani Buddha".

If all the potential new emojis are given the go-ahead, you'll finally be able to say in emoji: "Fancy a game of badminton? I'll meet you near the Dhyani Buddha, I'm the unicorn holding a taco". 

Interestingly, the Unicode Consortium is also looking to expand the religious diversity on offer. Currently, Christians can pick from emojis representing Christmas and churches while other religions have been left out in the cold. If approved, the new update will offer emojis for "Mosque", "Synagogue", "Prayer Beads", "Menorah" and even "Kabaa", the sacred cube structure in Mecca. 

Don't get too excited though. All these emojis are just potential contenders, depending on what kind of feedback the Unicode Consortium gets. As the organisation reminds us on its blog: "These are candidates – not yet finalized – so some may not appear in the release. There are many possible emoji that could be added, but releases need to be restricted to a manageable number."

But if you still want a "Doge" emoji, you might well get it if you campaign hard enough. As this Unicode release shows, the company does actually pay attention to the ones that people have been pushing hard for. How else do you think "Unicorn Face" came about? 

Check out the list below and send feedback here.

(h/t Complex)