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Kickended failed Kickstarter campaign
One failed Kickstarter campaign from Kickended

Shed a tear over this archive of failed Kickstarters

Italian artist Silvio Lorusso collects all the funding drives that didn't raise a single penny

It's the internet: shit gets left behind, whether it's songs on Spotify with zero plays, YouTube videos with no hits, or – perhaps saddest of all – Kickstarter campaigns that fail to raise any money whatsoever. Today, we wrote about a total show-off Kickstarter campaign that had exceeded its goal of $10,000 with a whole day to spare. But now we're gonna go down the deep end, where dreams go to die.

Italian artist and archivist of failure Silvio Lorusso has created Kickended, a project which gathers all the failed Kickstarter campaigns and presents them as an art project. He sees the project as a springboard to give these withered old ideas that not even family or friends give a shit about a new life. In his words, as they are now "free from the pressure of money raising, these retain the purity of abstract ideas.”

A quick sift through Kickended is enough to provoke feelings of utter despair. Weep over the old Nashville musician who wants to print 2,000 CD copies of his album; cry for the patterned fabric company, or question the futility of existence with this Kickstarter to write a love poem every day. They're ideas have been so totally ignored that it makes you want to donate... For about five seconds.

As it stands, Lorusso has collected around 8,000 unsuccessful campaigns. Who knows whether or not some of these ignored concepts could be granted a second chance. After all, a bowl of potato salad with a goal of $10 managed to raise $55,000.

(h/t Death and Taxes)