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Watch every YouTube video with zero views here

Petit Tube is a site that randomly selects the most unloved videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasure

There's a certain amount of pride in finding a totally gold YouTube video that has yet to be consumed by thirsty meme-hungry vampires. But what about those uploads that lie untouched, the clips that stare into the abyss of ignorance: the dreaded videos with zero views? Petit Tube, a new website, aggregates and compiles all these poor unwatched videos into a live stream.

It's the same idea as Forgotify, the service that searches Spotify for unplayed tracks. If Forgotify declares the four million unheard songs on Spotify a "musical travesty", what does that make Petit Tube? 

We spent the afternoon on the site and found a lot of adverts for dated tech products, recorded Skype conversations between relatives while they do DIY, people talking to horses and some videos that had been taken down for copyright reasons. This 45 second Minecraft clip was quite arresting, but not as captivating as this terribly superimposed Frenchman talking behind a giant book and, later on, a giant drill.

Sadly, this Taylor Swift-soundtracked fanvideo for South Korean TV series Vampire Prosecutor languishes on two views (we know – we've watched it two times). Aren't vampires more popular than Obama or something? 

To appreciate more of humanity's unloved video endeavours, click here to visit Petit Tube