Watch Nic Cage flick a lighter that ‘gets the ladies going’

Director David Gordon Green tells the rib-tickling backstory for this exclusive clip bonding over beer and babes from his new film Joe

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David Gordon Green is best known for his work on HBO's Eastbound & Down and Pineapple Express. However, he has amassed an impressive back catalogue of indie film credits with films like All the Real Girls, George Washington and upcoming thriller Joe. Today on Dazed, he imparts some key career know-how, selects a roster of fresh talent and gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming film.

If 2013 was defined by the McConnaisance, 2014 should prepare for the The Golden Cage – a revolutionary uptick in Nic Cage's rollercoaster career. Opposite budding young actor Tye Sheridan, Cage plays a stern ex-con in David Gordon Green's upcoming thriller Joe. In this scene, Cage does what he does best: channel his inner wild child for an animated lesson in improvisation.

Director David Gordon Green: "This scene was an improv that Nic had. He had this idea for his character to have this lighter that had this 'ping'. So he sent out our props guy Mick Flowers to get a very specific lighter that had a very specific sound when you flip the lid, so we were just filming these drunken moments – and that whole scene is pretty much improvised. I don’t think any of that’s in the script. Nic’s monologue I thought was great. It’s heartfelt and fatherly but somehow inappropriate to be talking about this lighter that makes a sound that when the hookers hear it, they know you got money. It draws the women like flies. The funny thing was, Tye (Sheridan) does not have his drivers license or drink beer! Tye wasn’t drinking real beer but I’m not sure whether Nick was!"