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Brad Pitt is making a movie about Anonymous in Steubenville

His production company has acquired the rights to the dramatic story of teen rape and its ensuing cover-up

Anonymous is set to get its first Hollywood film, all thanks to Brad Pitt and his production company, Plan B Entertainment, which is fresh off its Oscar win for 12 Years A Slave. The story? Anonymous vs. Steubenville – the tragic case of teen rape in a sleepy Ohio town, and the ensuing cover-up that saw Anonymous coming to its rescue.

In 2012, two football players from the local high school sexually assaulted an unconscious 16-year-old girl over a period of several hours, filmed the attack and bragged about it through various social media channels – only to find themselves exposed and attacked by enraged members of the hacktivist group. Now, Plan B Entertainment has secured the rights to the Rolling Stone article "Anonymous vs. Steubenville", which details the instrumental efforts of Anonymous hacker Deric Lostutter in uncovering the truth that senior Steubenville officials tried so hard to cover up.

For his efforts, the teenage rapists faced one year in juvenile prison (one has already walked free), while Lostutter could face ten years in prison for alleged invasions of privacy – primarily leaking a damning video of the assault that proved the girl was already incapacitated. So basically, sex criminals can walk free while a extrajudicial hacker with good intentions faces jail time; either way, it sounds like exactly the kind of dramatic moral conundrum that Hollywood loves.  

In the Rolling Stone article, Lostutter says he simply saw an injustice that needed fixing. "Bullying pisses me off," he told journalist David Kushner. Lostutter has since confirmed the movie but says he has "no further comment":