DISown reveals the ‘new normal’ in this infomercial video

A first look at the DIS art collective's retail diffusion line, ranging from HBA salad bowls to Jon Rafman pillows

"Everyone wears Hood By Air. But do you dine Hood By Air?" Welcome to the new normal, as envisioned by art collective DIS: a world where the alternative doesn't exist, and artists create H&M-style diffusion lines of their original work, all for the benefit of ever-smiling, happy-clappy consumers. Dazed exclusively premieres the DISown infomercial above. (We approve this message!)  

Here's the info: DIS collaborated with over 30 artists like Ryan Trecartin, Bjarne Melgaard and Amalia Ulman to create DISown – Not For Everyone, a month-long exhibition in New York that opens next week. Collectors, consumers and viewers alike can view (and in some cases, purchase) salad bowls from Hood By Air or custom body pillows by Jon Rafman, all within a gallery environment that pretends to be a store. Or maybe it's the other way around. 

"In the art market, artists’ names take on the characteristics of luxury brands and artworks act as high-end retail goods," says DISown co-curator Agatha Wara. "DISown tests the current status of the art object and presents a new mode for artist production." The exhibition runs from March 6 to April 6 at Red Bull Studio New York.