WHAAM! and New Reader present Reading Room 3
Life & CultureEnter the library of isolation curated by Arca, Fran Lebowitz, and more
Kim Gordon endorses Bernie Sanders for president
MusicKim Gordon, M.I.A., and more sign open letter endorsing Bernie Sanders
wallet elise by olsen recens magazine
FashionThe new pocket-sized publication tackling fashion’s biggest subjects
DIS – spring 2018
Art & PhotographyThe path-breaking, piss-taking legacy of DIS magazine
Life & CultureA Confused Fashion Special: Dazed’s spring issue is here!
Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 4.54.15 PM
Art & PhotographyMove over Netflix, DIS is your new must-have streaming service
Vaquera, Dazed Digital, Thomas McCarthy
FashionProtesting NYC’s rip off subway fares with fashion
dazed diamond imagefinal_web
MusicPC Music's digital dreams
Arts+CultureDIS to curate the 2016 Berlin Biennale
Arts+CultureStates of Independence: The top ten exclusives
John Rafman Emma Watson DIS Dazed
FashionJon Rafman’s Emma Watson Body Pillow – $400
Dazed, DIS takeover
FashionClothes off, Tags-On! – $40-$75
Dazed, DIS takeover Adidas the art school tracksuit
FashionThe Art School Tracksuit – $150
DIS K Rizz Dazed Lizzie Fitch
FashionLizzie Fitch’s Office on Wheels – $200
Dazed, DIS takeover Simon Fujiwara
FashionSimon Fujiwara’s Gay Wedding Ring – $3,000
Dazed, DIS takeover
FashionNot made in Sweden: The DISkea Bag – $10
Dazed, DIS takeover Korakrit’s Bangkokboys
FashionKorakrit’s Bangkokboys – $300
Dis Dazed if the shoe fits
FashionIf the Shoe in Shoe fits, wear it – $400
Dis Dazed Ryan Trecartin
FashionRyan Trecartin’s Night Vision Sweatshirt – $78
P-20140303-00497_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB
Arts+CultureDIS would ‘love to meet with a Bed Bath & Beyond executive’
Arts+CultureDISown reveals the ‘new normal’ in this infomercial video