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Slow Factory, The Revolution is a School, MoMA PS1
The Revolution is a School, MoMA PS1Courtesy of Slow Factory

Slow Factory’s new activation unites climate action, art, and revolution

The climate justice organisation is set to stage its first show at MoMA PS1, as an extension of its online project I Really Love This Song

Back in June last year, the educational non-profit Slow Factory launched a digital art exhibition that celebrated artists who aim to ignite revolution, titled I Really Love This Song. Now, it is set to extend the pioneering project with a physical activation at MoMA PS1.

Titled The Revolution is a School, the new project will see Slow Factory invite artists and storytellers to respond to prompts based on climate action, social justice, and political revolution.

“Come check out the work of some amazing storytellers and artists,” says the organisation in an announcement posted to Instagram. “Take a peek at exclusive projects, life forms, and archives. Then join the revolution yourself.”

The three month activation will also bring together Open Edu, Slow Factory’s free online series of classes that centre anti-colonial and intersectional ideas, and the Slow Factory Institute, an upcoming school and lab that will help work toward a “a climate-positive, regenerative future”.

Museum attendees will be encouraged to share their own reflections on the activation’s prompts, but they will also be able to take part in exclusive workshops run by artists, archivists, designers, and more.

These events include a digital archiving workshop run by researcher, producer, and model Djali Brown-Cepeda, upcycling workshops by Makayla Wray and Original Rose, and an ASL-only natural dyeing workshop with artist Mava. Slow Factory will additionally host its own climate preparedness workshop, “This is Not a [Climate] Drill”.

Slow Factory’s The Revolution is a School is scheduled to run at MoMA PS1 Homeroom from January 22, to April 23, 2022. View the announcement in full below.