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Slow Factory I Really Love This Song
I Really Love This SongCourtesy Slow Factory

Join the revolution with Slow Factory’s digital art exhibition

Inspired by leading voices in climate and culture, I Really Love This Song will bring together work by both artists and the public

Escaping the censorship of “Instagram’s oppressive platform”, educational non-profit Slow Factory is launching a digital art exhibition inspired by the artists who aim to ignite revolution with their work.

Titled I Really Love This Song, the conceptual online project is set to bring the work of 20 artists together with submissions from the public, each responding to key prompts related to climate, culture, education, and action.

“Art is an international language,” Slow Factory said of the exhibition. “I Really Love This Song is a celebration of the creative minds that, since the beginning of time, have helped and positioned our understanding of the world and the moment.”

“Artists are at the core of every revolution and wield the powerful tools that not only unite us, but show us perseverance and resistance all while fanning the flames of change and revolution with their art.” 

Among the featured artists are former Dazed 100er Mandy Harris Williams, researcher, producer, and model Djali Brown-Cepeda, illustrator and Papi Juice co-founder Mohammed Iman, photographer Yumna Al-Arashi, writer Mimi Zhu, model Haatepah Clearbear, musician Felukah, and more.

As part of the exhibition, a number of these artists have created videos inspired by Mother Earth, featuring original poetry, artwork, music, and choreography. Members of the public will also be able to submit their own work once the platform goes live, sharing their interpretations of the prompts given to the artists.

Set to launch on June 22, I Really Love This Song was created in partnership with clean energy drink Runa, while Dazed joins as a media partner. You can read the manifesto here, and tune into Slow Factory’s Instagram tonight to watch one of I Really Love This Song’s featured artists, DJ and activist Thanushka Yakupitiyage, perform live.