Climate crisis

Wè film
FashionThis short film is a defiant celebration of Black queerness
Blue Sandford, HS2 Rebellion tunnel protest
Politics18-year-old activist Blue Sandford on tunnelling under Euston to halt HS2
Pornhub ‘Sexstainability’ campaign
Science & TechPornhub is making sustainability sexy with its new campaign
Greta Thunberg school strike
PoliticsGreta Thunberg trolls Trump as he leaves the White House for the last time
Extinction Rebellion protest, Buckingham Palace
PoliticsHuge numbers of climate activists are being forced to courts amid pandemic
Patti Smith and Greta Thunberg
Art & PhotographyWatch Patti Smith recite the poem she wrote for Greta Thunberg’s birthday
Greener technology, 2020
Science & TechHow is the technology you use going greener in 2021?
Maisie Williams, Dazed Texts
Film & TVWatch Maisie Williams recite an excerpt from the Green New Deal
the student activists tackling the climate crisis
Life & CultureMock COP26: the young activists staging their own climate summit
Jamie Margolin first time voter
PoliticsHow climate activist Jamie Margolin is using her first ever vote
David Attenborough
Life & CultureBillie Eilish asks David Attenborough how to save the world
ImLive’s ‘Get Wood, Give Wood’ campaign
Life & CultureYou can now save the planet by watching porn
‘Climate Clock’, New York
Art & PhotographyA new clock counts how long we have to stop an irreversible climate crisis
Greta Thunberg
Film & TVWatch the first UK trailer for the upcoming Greta Thunberg documentary
Climate activist Howey Ou
Life & CultureWhat you need to know about teen climate activist Howey Ou
Extinction Rebellion protest
Life & CultureExtinction Rebellion could be reclassified as an ‘organised crime group’
Extinction Rebellion block printing site
Life & CultureExtinction Rebellion protesters block newspaper printing sites
Extinction Rebellion glued outside parliament
Life & CultureExtinction Rebellion activists are glued to the ground outside parliament
Extinction Rebellion activists
Life & CultureExtinction Rebellion is back for two weeks of disruption
Greta Thunberg
Life & CultureGap year’s over for Greta Thunberg – climate activist heads back to school
Greta Thunberg
Life & CultureGreta Thunberg wins €1 million award, donates it to climate activist groups
Greta Thunberg
PoliticsGreta Thunberg says world leaders ‘must now do the seemingly impossible’
Tori West pictures gallery Dazed 100 2020
Life & CultureGet to know Tori West, the founder of BRICKS magazine
Greta Thunberg radio show
PoliticsGreta Thunberg shares a new, 75-minute radio show