Boris Johnson

Women’s rights protest
PoliticsThe UK government backtracks on its promise to make misogyny a hate crime
Nicki Minaj Cover 2
MusicNicki Minaj is beefing with the UK government over vaccine misinformation
Anti-Tory protest
PoliticsGovernment slashes funding for ‘dead-end’ uni courses like music and art
Jordan Firstman
Film & TVMTV Cribs is back! Here’s a list of the celebs we want to snoop on
boris johnson
PoliticsA guide to all the corrupt things the Tories have done during the pandemic
Christmas is cancelled: those stranded due to tier four
Life & CultureIs Christmas cancelled? How people stuck in Tier 4 are doing the holidays
Universal credit Dazed
PoliticsLife in the not-so roaring 20s: the young Brits on Universal Credit
Cover Letters Sports Banger Boris Johnson
Life & CultureKids direct a big ‘fuck you’ at Boris Johnson in this new exhibition
LGBTQ+ march
Politics‘We need action, not empty words’: activists on UK conversion therapy ban
pride london trans protest 7
PoliticsHow the UK and US are rolling back vital trans rights
@sportsbanger @eatplastik Fuck Boris Animal Crossing fashion
FashionYou can now get Sports Banger’s ‘Fuck Boris’ t-shirt in Animal Crossing
Boris Johnson BBC coronavirus
PoliticsHow the UK government’s latest coronavirus updates affect young people
MusicDave’s Brits performance references Boris Johnson, Grenfell, and Windrush
Imagining what the ‘Festival of Brexit’ will be like
PoliticsImagining what the ‘Festival of Brexit’ will be like
What the first month of a Tory government looks like
PoliticsWhat the first month of a Tory government looks like
Labour MP Nadia Whittome
PoliticsThe UK’s youngest MP Nadia Whittome: ‘the time for mourning is finished’
Momentum Labour activists General Election
PoliticsI’m a Momentum activist, and smearing us as cultists and thugs won’t work
Stormzy wears Banksy’s stab-proof vest
MusicStormzy says the UK is ‘definitely, 100 per cent’ racist
Jarvis Cocker Running the World Christmas no. 1
Music(Cunts Are Still) ‘Running The World’ could be Christmas number one
London UK election protest
PoliticsAnti-Boris protesters take to the streets in London and Glasgow
Post-election convos you’re going to have at the pub tonight
PoliticsAll the post-election convos you’re going to have at the pub tonight
Irish people
PoliticsGoogle searches for moving to Canada and Ireland up after Tory election win
Six key moments from the devastating general election
PoliticsA cheatsheet on how fucked up the UK got last night
Science & TechA bot on Tinder is chatting people up to help Labour in marginal seats