Olly Telling

Olly Telling is a freelance writer

Dazed Faves - Let's Eat Grandma
MusicWhat Let’s Eat Grandma are obsessed with on the internet
The Word is Art
Art & PhotographyThis book features the world’s most riveting word artworks
Performance Now
Art & PhotographyThis book showcases some of history’s greatest performance artists
Yayoi Kusama with “Narcissus Garden” (1966)
Art & PhotographyYou can now visit Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Narcissus Garden’ in London
Derek Ridgers – Photographs By:
Art & PhotographyDerek Ridgers on what it’s like to photograph the world’s biggest stars
Intimacy, Yossi Milo Gallery
Art & PhotographyFour artists busting the stereotype that queer art has to be doom and gloom
Dolce Far Niente, 2018
Art & PhotographyArt Hoe’s Jheyda McGarrell and Sage Adams team up for a striking new show
Prem Sahib
Art & PhotographyThis artist’s work is a tribute to London’s gay bathhouses
Holland - I'm Not Afraid video
MusicDazed 100 winner Holland drops defiant new single ‘I’m Not Afraid’
Safety, Service and Security, 2018
Art & PhotographyPhotographer Colin Dodgson explores the tension of rest and restlessness
hot dogs
Science & TechDick pic researcher cancels study after receiving hundreds of dick pics
Art & PhotographyThese photos celebrate the global power and pride of football subcultures
Art & PhotographyPreview Riposte’s most radical and celebratory issue yet
Basquiat sketch
Art & PhotographyThe early Basquiat works created when he was a teenager
Ryan Skelton: Land Swallow
Art & PhotographyArtist Ryan Skelton gets down and dirty in the English countryside
johnny marr
MusicOpen House: in conversation with Johnny Marr
Yung Lean Russian army
MusicDo YOU know Yung Lean’s Russian army doppelgänger?
Amanda Fordyce India
Art & PhotographyThese striking photos capture a beautiful energy in India
Art & PhotographyExhibition proves Sylvia Plath was more than a sad writer
Sid and Nancy
MusicHow to make a music biopic that people actually want to see