Justin Egli

Justin Egli is a travel, arts & culture writer based in Tokyo. He writes about Tokyo subculture on his blog ikimasho.net

Menkake Gyoretsu
Life & CulturePhotos of the grotesquely masked men of Kanagawa
Kawasaki Warehouse 3
Life & CultureThe Japanese arcade built to look like Kowloon Walled City
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Ikazuchi no Daihannya Festival 8
Arts+CultureThe spirit-chasing, cross-dressing men of outer Tokyo
Chicano, a film by Louis Ellison and Jacob Hodgkinson
Arts+CultureLifting the lid on Japan’s underground Chicano culture
Freetown Christiania
Arts+CultureThe Danish state with a history of bikers, drugs & violence
Arts+CultureVisiting an ancient Japanese cross-dressing festival
Arts+CultureExploring an abandoned (and haunted) theme park in Indonesia
Arts+CultureSee the Japanese mafia strip outside a police station
Arts+CultureReporting from the Japanese penis festival in Kawasaki
how surgical masks became fashion statements
FashionHow surgical masks became a fashion statement
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Dazed
FashionWhat the hell has happened to Tokyo’s fashion subcultures?
Masato Nakamura Exhibition
Arts+CultureTen alternative art galleries to seek out in Tokyo