Spencer Tunick
Politics300 people stripped nude by the Dead Sea to highlight the climate crisis
Telegram fake nudes
Science & TechAn AI bot making fake nudes of women is thriving on Telegram
Depop Fetish Mining
Science & TechPeople are using Depop to ‘fetish mine’ – are you an unknowing victim?
Patrick, Tim Mielants
Film & TVPatrick: an eccentric black comedy set in a Belgian nudist camp
Jonnah Bron’s Where We Did It
Art & PhotographyWhy Jonnah Bron photographs the beds she’s just had sex in
Marilyn Minter’s Pretty/Dirty
Art & PhotographyInstagram holds a meeting with artists about its nudity policy
L'Origine du Monde (1866)
Art & PhotographyFacebook finally settles censorship dispute over Courbet ‘vagina painting’
Science & TechThis horrific deepfake app generates realistic nudes in seconds
IRL: Investigating Reality
Art & PhotographyThis art show blends surrealism & realism to question what reality even is
Nude protest
Life & CultureNaked demonstrators protest censorship at Facebook and Instagram offices
October! Collective, Body As Home, 2019
Art & PhotographyThe art collective making work about the body, migration, and censorship
Maria Pasenau – spring 2019
Art & PhotographyMaria Pasenau on her first photo book, Whit Kind Regrets
Lauren Crow
Art & PhotographyPhotographing normal bodies having sex in a safe space
charles blackman
Arts+CultureFacebook bans painting depicting two naked lesbian lovers
Kristina Podobed
PhotographyThe Ukrainian artist who beat nervousness with nakedness
Arts+CulturePlayboy is bringing back nude photoshoots
Encrypt Your Nudes
Arts+CultureThe zine for online self-defence and protecting your nudes
Deborah De Robertis, photography Vivien Deleuze
Arts+CultureWhy this artist flashes her vagina in museums and galleries
Iggy Pop Life Class
Arts+CultureThose nude drawings of Iggy Pop are finally here
Arts+CultureThis group sends you a nude if you vote against Donald Trump
Girls Unawares
Arts+CultureGet this Tumblr to make you totally surreal nudes
Emma Gruner
PhotographyThese photos celebrate being naked – and that’s it
Arts+CultureThese illustrations show the reality of British beach bodies
Spencer Tunick
Arts+CultureThis artist wants you to get nude at a Republican convention