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PoliticsParkland students are mocking new clear backpacks
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PoliticsSpeeches and signs from March For Our Lives capture powerful teen spirit
PoliticsThe day that teenagers changed America forever
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PoliticsNine teenagers explain why they’re joining the fight against guns
PoliticsWatch teen gun control activists perform their rallying cry “We Ask Back”
PHS School
Life & CultureThese teens were given Saturday detention for their anti-gun school walkout
PoliticsHow memes became an agent of protest in 2018
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PoliticsThis student was the only one in his school to walk out in anti-gun protest
PoliticsA Republican candidate labels Emma Gonzalez a ‘skinhead lesbian’
Gun worship
Life & CultureAn American church held a weird gun-loving ceremony with AR-15 rifles
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PoliticsParkland shooting survivor won’t return to school until gun control passes
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FashionGucci donates $500,000 to support gun control
PoliticsUS teens explain why they’re walking out of school to protest gun violence
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PoliticsThese teen shooting survivors make politicians and the NRA look pathetic
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PoliticsTrump’s answer to gun violence is more guns
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PoliticsTeen gun control activists stage die-in outside of the White House
PoliticsA school shooting survivor just burned Donald Trump in a brilliant speech
PoliticsTeens from Florida’s school shooting are calling for gun control on Twitter
gays against guns
PoliticsWherever you are, here’s what you can do to help gun control
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Arts+CultureOhio State University shooting sees at least 8 injured
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Arts+CultureWillow Smith & Dev Hynes photographed for anti-gun campaign
SHOT, photographed by Kathy Shorr
PhotographyPhotographing the impact of guns on everyday life in America
gays against guns
Arts+CultureHow a group of gay activists are fighting US gun laws