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Life & CultureCOP27: How do young Egyptians feel about the climate summit?
Kim Kardashian Coffin Mystery
Life & CultureKim Kardashian helped return a stolen coffin back to Egypt
Souad (2021)
Film & TVIn Souad, sexts and lies unravel the secret lives of Egypt’s teenage girls
MusicTrip out to Kidä’s stylish pop music, inspired by 70s Italian film scores
Haneen Hossam, Mawada al-Adham
Science & TechWhy the Egyptian government is jailing TikTok and Instagram influencers
Egyptian women jailed over TikTok videos
Science & TechEgypt jails five women for their ‘immoral’ TikTok videos
Elon Musk says the Egyptians pyramids were built by aliens
PoliticsEgypt invites Elon Musk to see that the pyramids were not built by aliens
Laura El-Trantawy, In The Shadow Of The Pyramids
PhotographyWhat does a revolution look like?
Sib Eddi
MusicDancing Egyptian woman arrested for ‘inciting debauchery’
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PhotographyEgypt seizes graffiti book for ‘inciting revolution’
Arts+CultureThis week, literary heroine Maya Angelou died
MusicCairo's underground producers defy military rule
Arts+CultureVisit the cinema at the end of the world
Arts+CultureEgyptian students rise up in anger
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Arts+CultureA tomb to Egypt
Omar Hamilton
Arts+CultureThe Egyptian malaise
Arts+CultureThe Arab Revolutions: What You Need To Know