Suicide pod creator implant assisted dying
Science & TechSuicide pod creator invents implant that would kill you if forgotten about
Tan Gillies, Nights of Violence (2021)
Art & PhotographyTan Gillies on transforming his darkest suburban memories into healing art
AFW Article Cover (Deepfake)
Science & TechHow deepfake technology is bringing loved ones ‘back’ from the dead
Life & CultureA Japanese zombie coffin experience wants to relieve your COVID-19 stress
Andy Warhol, Heaven and Hell Are Just One Breath Away
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition reveals Warhol’s dark preoccupation with death
Illustration Elizabeth Henson
Life & CultureMillennials will get sick and die faster than previous generations
Lil Peep
MusicLil Peep’s mother is suing the rapper’s management over his death
Bjork - autumn 2017
Life & CultureBjörk, Jeff Goldblum, David Lynch, and more on what happens when we die
A still from Meet Joe Black (1999)
Film & TVWhy 90s films were obsessed with the Angel of Death
The Death Book
Art & PhotographyLook inside the new art book exploring death, sex, and the internet
Selfie deaths
Life & CultureMore than 250 people have died taking selfies since 2011
flatliners original
Science & TechOkay, so what actually happens to our minds after we die?
Berlin Funeral
Life & CultureInside Berlin’s death-positive funeral scene
Les Absents by Maxime Ballesteros
Art & PhotographyFollow a femme fatale through darkly sexual photos
carrie fisher
Arts+CultureWhy we should talk about Carrie Fisher’s drug use
Arts+CultureMail your ashes to the Republicans if Trumpcare kills you
mental health
MusicThe music that helped me through the death of a loved one
Arts+CultureWhy women are leading the death positive movement
Emily Goddard - When death leaves his mark
PhotographyDocumenting the scars worn by people who escaped death
Leonardo DiCaprio crying romeo and juliet
Arts+CultureYou can actually die of a broken heart, says study
Arts+CultureA story of drugs, darkness and death in the Amazon
fake funeral
Arts+CultureSouth Koreans are having fake funerals to ease life’s stress
Arts+CultureA Death Cafe is set to open in London
Juliet Burn In Hell
Arts+Culture10 per cent of us actually think we’re going to hell