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Science & TechAlexa will soon be able to mimic the voices of the dead
Coffin fashion funeral Jean Paul Gaultier
FashionHow to dress for your own death
Ion Birch, “La Celeste” (2016)
Art & PhotographyInside the provocative new edition of Death Book
Suicide pod creator implant assisted dying
Science & TechSuicide pod creator invents implant that would kill you if forgotten about
Tan Gillies, Nights of Violence (2021)
Art & PhotographyTan Gillies on transforming his darkest suburban memories into healing art
AFW Article Cover (Deepfake)
Science & TechHow deepfake technology is bringing loved ones ‘back’ from the dead
Life & CultureA Japanese zombie coffin experience wants to relieve your COVID-19 stress
Andy Warhol, Heaven and Hell Are Just One Breath Away
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition reveals Warhol’s dark preoccupation with death
the farewell death awkwafina
Beauty FeatureYOLO: Why being ‘death positive’ can be good for you
rupromobot robot death
Beauty FeatureFuture forecast: Will this decade bring us life after death?
Illustration Elizabeth Henson
Life & CultureMillennials will get sick and die faster than previous generations
Lil Peep
MusicLil Peep’s mother is suing the rapper’s management over his death
Bjork - autumn 2017
Life & CultureBjörk, Jeff Goldblum, David Lynch, and more on what happens when we die
The chilling adventures of Sabrina
The ProfessionalsThis mortician beautifies corpses for a living
A still from Meet Joe Black (1999)
Film & TVWhy 90s films were obsessed with the Angel of Death
The Death Book
Art & PhotographyLook inside the new art book exploring death, sex, and the internet
Selfie deaths
Life & CultureMore than 250 people have died taking selfies since 2011
flatliners original
Science & TechOkay, so what actually happens to our minds after we die?
Berlin Funeral
Life & CultureInside Berlin’s death-positive funeral scene
Les Absents by Maxime Ballesteros
Art & PhotographyFollow a femme fatale through darkly sexual photos
carrie fisher
Arts+CultureWhy we should talk about Carrie Fisher’s drug use
Arts+CultureMail your ashes to the Republicans if Trumpcare kills you
mental health
MusicThe music that helped me through the death of a loved one
Arts+CultureWhy women are leading the death positive movement