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via Reuters

A Japanese zombie coffin experience wants to relieve your COVID-19 stress

You can now pay to be put in a coffin surrounded by chainsaw-clad zombies

As if the pandemic wasn’t scary enough, a Japanese production company is trying to take people’s minds off coronavirus by putting them in two-metre coffins surrounded by chainsaw-wielding actors dressed as zombies – to blow off steam, apparently.

Customers in Tokyo can now pay to lie in a windowed coffin, listen to a horror story, and watch actors (avec chainsaws) perform, while getting poked with fake hands and squirted with water.

“The pandemic is stressful, and we hope people can get a bit of relief by having a good scream,” Kenta Iwana, coordinator of production company Kowagarasetai AKA the “Scare Squad”, told Reuters.

The 15-minute shows cost 800 yen (approximately £5.76) and take place in a rest lounge usually used by passengers arriving in the capital on overnight bus trips. “We needed to have something that we could take anywhere, and coffins are easy to move. All you need to do is put them in a dark room,” said Iwana. “It’s good business for us and satisfying for our customers.”

Feel better yet?