Miley Cyrus
MusicHas Miley Cyrus joined a cult? An investigation
Tag, 2015
Film & TVAn introduction to the twisted world of Japanese death games
Film & TVGregg Araki: ‘It’s disconcerting how topical The Doom Generation is’
Film & TVAn introduction to the wild world of Japanese V-cinema
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 17.05.35
Life & CultureMike Pilavachi: influential youth pastor accused of inappropriate conduct
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Life & CultureSpiritual guru or creepy cult leader? The strange story of Bentinho Massaro
QAnon’s leader ‘Q’ is revealed as multiple individuals
Science & TechQAnon’s leader ‘Q’ is revealed to be multiple people
Margaret Thatcher
PoliticsI went to see Margaret Thatcher’s ghost be summoned to solve Brexit
Still from the Hail Satan? trailer
Film & TVHail Satan? is the new doc going deep on 21st century Satanism
Film & TVTen LGBTQ+ documentaries to watch this Pride
Jodie Landon - Daria
Film & TVTracee Ellis Ross is playing Jodie in the Daria spin-off show we all need
Kanye West Coachella 2019 Sunday Service cult
FashionKanye’s Sunday Service congregation is 2019’s answer to the Rajneeshees
Jex Blackmore
Art & PhotographyMeet Satanist activist and performance artist, Jex Blackmore
Art & PhotographyAdam Curtis on how conspiracy theories fuelled his new dance project
FashionThe designer channelling her cult upbringing into her new collection
lydia deetz
Life & CultureThese police documents on the Satanic Panic of the 80s are amazing
charles manson
Life & CultureA judge has finally ruled who gets Charles Manson’s body
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Art & PhotographyWatch a fucked-up film written & narrated by Rose McGowan
SORT ZINE CULT ISSUE Derek Ridgers Matt King 2
Arts+CultureRose McGowan narrates the rise and fall of a dystopian cult
Tyler, the Creator in Diamond
Arts+CultureHow a local skate company became hip hop’s go-to brand
Marina Abramovic 'THE KITCHEN VIII'
Arts+CultureMarina Abramović’s dinner party mistaken for satanic cult
Charlotte Rampling The Night Porter
FashionNazi Chic: the stylistic legacy of The Night Porter
Supreme summer t-shirts cult brand
FashionHow does a fashion brand go cult?
FashionCreating the (oc)cult fashion that defined The Craft