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Lil Uzi Vert will be the first person to legally own a planet

...according to Grimes

In February, Lil Uzi Vert got a $24 million pink diamond implanted in his forehead so he could have “a lot of M's in (his) face”. Months later, the rapper mysteriously removed the embed. Now, Lil Uzi has revealed his latest weird purchase plans via Twitter.

First spoken about on Twitter by Grimes (because who else?), Lil Uzi is planning to purchase planet WASP-127b, which would allegedly make him “the first person to legally own a planet”. The planet, which was discovered in 2016, is 1.4 times larger than Jupiter 540 light years away from Earth. Another very useful purchase! 

Replying to an visual mock-up of the planet, Grimes tweeted, "apparently (Uzi) owns this." However, in response, the rapper concluded that he “tried (to) surprise everyone” and was “still working on it”. 

Continuing, Grimes noted that the purchase’s documentation was almost complete, and that “this is huge”. Meanwhile, the rapper has asked fans for name suggestions on Twitter. 

Despite the rapper’s plans, however, Yale astronomy professor Gregory Laughlin told Rolling Stone that the purchase is seemingly impossible. “No legal ownership framework or regulated Earth-based exchange currently exists for the purchase of exoplanetary assets,“ he said. “At present, any purchase (either for investment or speculative purposes) would need to be arranged through an off-Earth venue. I remain unaware of the existence of galactic exchanges for planet trading, but that in itself, of course, does not preclude their existence.”

While we aren’t really sure why Lil Uzi is purchasing the planet, it does seem to follow the steady stream of billionaires flexing their money through outer space. In May, Elon Musk announced a Dogecoin-funded SpaceX mission to the moon, which will take place next year. Otherwise, on Wednesday (July 21) Jeff Bezos launched himself into space on a 60-foot-tall penis rocket for just 11-minutes. We rounded up the best memes from that here.

Check out Uzi’s pending purchase – WASP-127B – below.