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Jeff Bezos meme

Penis rockets and cowboy hats: a roundup of the best Jeff Bezos space memes

The billionaire blasted off into space aboard a 60-foot tall phallus, memes ensued

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person and the founder of Amazon, blazed to space aboard a 60-foot tall penis rocket yesterday (July 20). Accompanied by fellow billionaire and brother Mark Bezos, astronautical pioneer Wally Funk, and a Dutch physics student, the crew flew just outside the Earth’s atmosphere for a grand total of 11 minutes, emitting more carbon monoxide than a car would in centuries of driving.

Bezos thanked Amazon employees and customers after landing, saying, “You guys paid for all of this”. Of course, he failed to mention the company’s dire working conditions, which include employees reportedly having to pee in bottles because the bathroom breaks they are granted don’t allow them enough time to travel there and back, and heat map surveillance to detect if too many employees are gathering in the same place at the same time. Not to mention the time he used police violence to harass Black workers in Alabama and concocted fake Twitter profiles of Amazon workers in a hilariously bad attempt to defend the company.

Environmental disaster and gross displays of wealth aside, many people have pointed out the similarities between Bezos’ rocket and a phallus. Specifically, the shape was compared to images of Dr Evil’s rocket from The Spy Who Shagged Me, the 1999 Austin Powers film that features the villain blasting off in a penis-shaped spaceship. Others have remarked on Bezos’ cowboy hat and noticeably taut facial features.

Enjoy a roundup of the best memes below.