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Furries at a VR version of Four Seasons Total Landscaping
Via Twitter @thecoopertom

A VR version of Trump’s Four Seasons is now a hangout spot for furries

Just when you thought the blunder couldn’t get any better

On Saturday (November 7), Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 US presidential election. Donald Trump was playing golf when the news broke. As for his team? They were holding a press conference in the car park of a garden centre, situated between an erotic bookshop and a crematorium.

Confused? So was Trump. In a now-deleted tweet, the president said that the “big press conference” was to be held at the Four Seasons – a luxury hotel – in Philadelphia. Instead, the event took place at Four Seasons Total Landscaping (a local business offering gardening services), leading to speculation that someone made a mistake when booking the venue.

Since the blunder, Four Seasons Total Landscaping has capitalised on its newfound fame, launching merch emblazoned with phrases like, ‘Make America Rake Again’ and ‘Lawn and Order’. Now, furries are getting in on the action, making a virtual reality version of the garden centre their new hangout spot.

The furry community has created an incredibly realistic online rendition of the setting, complete with a makeshift ‘Trump 2020’ podium and backdrop. YouTuber Coopertom tweeted a clip from the “grand debut” yesterday (November 9), which sees a number of furries join the virtual garden centre on the online game, VR Chat.

In the video, furries can be seen chatting and browsing the virtual world – some even take to the podium to make a mock speech. At the end of the clip, the group celebrates its opening by setting off virtual fireworks.

It’s a much happier scene than the IRL version of the event, which saw Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, share his unhinged response to the news that Biden and Kamala Harris had won the election.