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Apple has made its video and music editing software free
Photography Jakob Owens, via Unsplash

Apple has made its video and music editing software free

The company is offering a 90-day trial for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X amid the coronavirus pandemic

With schools closed, festivals cancelled, and everyone under strict instruction to stay inside, we’re all going to have a lot of time on our hands over the next few weeks. Luckily for us, there’s a number of online activities to relieve us of our isolation boredom, the latest of which comes from Apple, which has offered its video and music software for free.

The tech giant has made both Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for a 90-day trial. “We hope customers who are home and looking for something new to master will try out these free trials and start making some awesome new beats or create some amazing videos,” an Apple spokesperson told Mashable. Final Cut Pro X normally costs £299.99, while Logic Pro X costs £199.99.

Apple isn’t the first company to offer its goods for free. Earlier this week (March 25), Fender announced it was giving away three months of guitar lessons, while Pornhub has given everyone in the world free premium porn to keep them entertained. Last week (march 16), Moog and Korg released their synthesiser apps for free, to “spread positivity, creativity, and expressivity”.

Celebrities are also working hard to maintain a sense of community during social distancing. A number of designers, including Jacquemus and Paul Smith, are offering free online fashion courses; Fight Club director David Fincher surprised film students with an online MasterClass; Lena Dunham is writing an interactive novel; BTS are helping fans learn Korean; Lizzo is creating flute meditation videos; and there’s too many more to mention.

You can see all the online parties and streaming sessions to feel less alone here, and get your 90-day free trial of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X on the app store.