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Twitter is trolling Instagram, and it’s getting meta

Welcome to hyperreality

Ever noticed how your Instagram Explore page is basically just screenshots of funny tweets? Well, apparently Twitter has too. In a strange feat of social media inception, Twitter has taken to Instagram today to promote its platform by regramming other people’s tweets.

It all started when Twitter reposted a screenshot of a tweet that read: “Instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and I think @twitter should call them out.”

In a world that thinks strictly in memes, Twitter’s latest promo stunt is a good way to get our attention, and users agree. One comment on Twitter’s post reads, “Twitter is here to reclaim their spot as the top official tweet posts page and i’m all the way here for it”, while another says, “Ask me how long I’ve been waiting for these shots fired”.

Fighting against Instagram’s recent war on memes, tweet-sharing posts can be seen on some of the platform’s most popular accounts, such as online jokester, @fuckjerry, who has 14.3m followers. Although, the meme sharing technique probably stems from the lack of ‘share to Instagram’ feature on Twitter, the traffic stealing trend is proving a clear benefit to Instagram, which recently announced it’s hiring a ‘meme expert’.

Twitter’s official Instagram account bio now reads, “Screenshots of Tweets”, and has carried on its trolling venture by sharing some more recaptured tweets to its account.