The content creator, Twitch Ambassador and SD artist who has become an advocate for diversity and representation in gaming.

Danielle Udogaranya – best known as Ebonix – is a content creator, speaker, Twitch Ambassador, DE&I Consultant and self-taught 3D artist. Fuelled by a frustration with the lack of diversity and representation in games such as The Sims 4, Udogaranya decided to take matters into her own hands by teaching herself 3D modelling and creating hair, clothes and accessories that she felt represented her. Her content quickly struck a chord with others in the gaming community, and led to Udogaranya working directly with The Sims on the addition of over 100 skintones, afro hair, and nails. Her designs have ushered in a generational change for new and seasoned Simmers, giving everyone the option to create a Sim who looks like them.

Through her gaming mods and content creation projects, Udogaranya has since become an advocate for diversity and representation in gaming and has been featured on Apple, BBC, Vice, The Verge, The Guardian, and many more. She was the first Black British femme to be a Twitch Partner in 2020, and she went on to co-found Black Twitch UK, a platform established to uplift and spotlight Black British streamers. “I realised how life-changing it is not just for people my age, in their 20s and teens. But for kids as young as six and seven having content for them,” she told Dazed in an interview.

Text Zsofia Paulikovics