Teezo Touchdown

Age - 29
Houston, United States
I’d expand my Match A Bag initiative organising community-led neighbourhood clean-ups
Teezo Touchdown

Teezo Touchdown is multiple rappers for the price of one. Already earning praise from Lil Nas X and Tyler, the Creator, the Texas musician (born in Beaumont, currently based in Houston) is a delightfully weird, genre-defying enigma who, without breaking a sweat, combines hip-hop, autotune, radio pop, country music, trap beats, emo-punk, acoustic arpeggios and whatever else is in his brain into infectious, digestible three-minute earworms. (As a bonus, there’s his alter ego Eugenius Hanes, the cowboy hat-wearing persona adding an extra layer or three to the mystery.)

While Teezo has dedicated years to experimenting and honing his sound, he really came to prominence in 2020 with “Strong Friend”, a playful, immediately catchy ballad about mental health. In that single’s video, Teezo plays a bass guitar while crooning into a flower – not quite what you’d expect from hip-hop’s Next Big Thing. Then again, in the video for “Social Cues”, Teezo somehow depicts five different personas who harmonise with themselves and heartfeltly sing, “I see someone and turn the other way because I suck at conversation” – it’s both rock ‘n’ roll and emotionally naked. All in all, Teezo’s next steps, or even sounds, are impossible to predict – but the adventurousness is guaranteed.

Text Nick Chen

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