58- Jyoty


Age - 31
London, United Kingdom
I’d set up a mentoring program for DJs and presenters from immigrant backgrounds with workshops, therapy & life coaching

Hands in the air, sweat dripping down necks, women getting as low as they can… This is the power of a Jyoty DJ set. Born in the Netherlands, Jyoty moved to London in 2012 to pursue a Masters degree, and ended up falling hard for the city’s underground club scene. Starting as a door girl, Jyoty quickly got behind the decks and figured out how to get a party started; weaving funk, garage and early 2000s tunes with finesse.

As her passion began to spin into a career, Jyoty went international, playing festivals including Lisbon’s Music Box and New York’s Good Room. In 2019, she played a Boiler Room set that recently went viral on TikTok, racking up millions of views and pushing Jyoty well and truly into the clubbing limelight. 

Although lockdown has put live DJ sets on the backburner, Jyoty has never been more busy, hosting a radio show on Rinse FM, creating a hangout community space on Twitch and launching Jyoty Presents For Real, For Real, a “multi-sensory”, hybrid podcast-music show.

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