Age - 22
Auckland, New Zealand
I want to use my record label Olive to create opportunities for young women and empower them in the music industry

Some people cope with their fears and sorrows by wallowing, but not New Zealand singer Benee - if it’s upsetting her, she’s taking it to the dancefloor. Take her international megahit “Supalonely” (2.5bn streams and counting): never has a song about being a loser who would rather be crying in the bath been so thoroughly danceable. It also features 2018 Dazed-100er Gus Dapperton, a match made in wonky pop heaven. “I’m a lonely bitch!” she sings, a line that became iconic during the 2020 lockdowns.

Benee was one of a very small number of pop stars able to take to the stage IRL in 2020 too. With New Zealand’s restrictions lifting in October of last year, 20,000 gig-starved punters laser-focused their attention on her which, after six months spent in a state of lockdown, must have been quite a trip. The singer seems to have taken it very much in her stride though, and she’s doing it on her own terms too. She was advised by her team to follow up “Supalonely” with something commercial and relatable; instead she wrote a glitchy post-disco song from the perspective of... a snail, cementing her identity as exactly the kind of goofy chaos the pop world needs right now.

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