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Cactus Jack Collective

Cactus Jack Collective

Los Angeles, United States
The Travis Scott-led label dominating pop culture and driving the hip hop zeitgeist
Cactus Jack Collective

Travis Scott is, at this point, a one-man multimedia conglomerate: rapper, festival curator, merchandising genius, fashion icon and label boss. Part of his recipe for success is giving his proteges airtime; and his Cactus Jack Collective are a musical force to be reckoned with. Scott himself leads the charge, with signees Chase B, Sheck Wes, Dan Toliver and Luxury Tax rounding out the crew: they’re basically a grown up Odd Future, and they take their shit seriously. 

2019’s JACKBOYS compilation was the first record to top the US charts in the 2020s, and it’s a lithe 21 minutes of ‘look at what we can do’, with the smaller artists given a leg up by showcasing them alongside Scott’s own masterpiece “Highest In The Room”. 

Don’t be surprised if you see the Jackboys dominating pop culture in the next couple of years: their endlessly listenable rhymes, zeitgeist riding trap beats and masterful use of social media basically guarantee it. 

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