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Stalk Ashley

Stalk Ashley

Age - 23
Kingston, Jamaica
I’d direct and fund a workshop for a small group of creatives from Jamaica, a space to learn and grow
Stalk Ashley

Stalk Ashley’s music might be best described as, simply, “confident.” The rising Jamiacan artist creates sultry R&B steeped in regional dancehall and reggae influences, at its core though, it’s a celebration of sexual empowerment and creative freedom — something the musician has had to work hard for.

Growing up in a strict religious household, Stalk Ashley’s early exposure to music was limited to the church choir and whatever songs her family and others in her community would play around her. She wasn’t able to truly discover and explore her own musical tastes until she moved to Kingston when she turned 19. There, she found herself liberated as a singer and songwriter, and she began crafting a sound and perspective all her own.

Thanks to her penchant for candid lyrical storytelling and mesmirizing, humid production — evident on tracks such as “Young” and “Sin Sex” — Stalk Ashley has become a rising force on the R&B scene. Other artists have taken notice, too: Since making her official debut only three years ago in 2018, she’s worked with the likes of Stormzy, Alkaline, and WSTRN. Even her latest single, “TIP (The Party)”, is a testament to Stalk Ashley’s unwavering confidence. As she sings on the sensual party anthem, “Bitch I got it so I flaunt it / If you see me with a bottle bitch I bought it”.

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