75- Talia Goddess
Talia Goddess

Talia Goddess

Age - 20
New York, United States
I’d use the fund for my new record label TRANCE, for creative and community projects including music videos and events
Talia Goddess

By age 6, Talia Goddess had already started producing music, albeit on some very clunky editing software. The child of a DJ and singer, music was second nature to Goddess growing up; she was cocooned in it. From a young age the artist witnessed music’s power to bring communities together. Goddess spent her teenage years dropping original tracks and remixes on Soundcloud, building a devoted audience and a unique sound that draws on neo-soul, electronica and RnB.

Now a recent graduate of LaGuardia High School, Goddess is beginning to emerge from her cocoon into the Brooklyn music scene as a singer, producer and DJ. This summer, she will release her debut EP, Poster Girl, which sees her using her elastic voice in new ways, dropping into low-pitched, low-key raps before bursting into the song’s soulful chorus.

“As a young, black, queer multi-hyphenate artist and creative entrepreneur, I am already breaking barriers by daring to chase my dreams,” says Goddess. And she’s not chasing dreams alone. She has also founded TRANCE, a record label, creative agency and recording studio dedicated to amplifying the creativity of young musicians of colour in Brooklyn.

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