Sam Dameshek


Age - 17
Loxahatchee, Florida, United States
I’d create a one-off merch line with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity working on the restoration of rainforests

Hailing from the quiet suburbs of North Carolina, Ash Gutierrez – AKA glaive – spent the hellish year that was 2020 holed up at home like most of the world. But instead of binge-watching anime and doomscrolling on social media like the rest of us (well, maybe he did that too), the industrious teen started making music, released his debut EP cypress grove, got signed to a major label, and racked up millions of streams on Spotify, putting our pandemic hobbies to shame in the process.

On tracks with emo titles such as “sick”, “life is pain”, and “pissed”, glaive captures suburban discontent and parses the complex emotions and anxieties plaguing teenagers today. Recent single “i wanna slam my head against the wall” (from glaive’s forthcoming all dogs go to heaven EP) was lowkey sparked by the artist’s general sentiment towards remote learning during quarantine, among other frustrations, while aldn collab “what was the last thing u said'' traps the pain of a traumatic past love in a sonic time capsule.

Inspired by the disparate artists, content creators and producers he’s discovered on the Discord servers he hangs out on online, as well as the fantasy RPGs and video games that take up much of his free time, glaive’s experimental brand of pop weaves a fantastical blend of bedroom SoundCloud rap, glitched out electronica and frenetic, future-facing hyperpop — the latter a mantle he’s been enthusiastically bestowed by critics and fans alike, but one he’s admittedly hesitant to claim. Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine the frontlines of the genre without the wunderkind. 

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