Paolo Carzana

Paolo Carzana

Age - 27
Cardiff, United Kingdom
I’d create an initiative where LGBTQ+ youth in Cardiff can learn about their community through fashion design workshops
Paolo Carzana

Frayed, torn and crumpled, the pieces in Paolo Carzana’s MA collection have the qualities of long-lost treasures, rediscovered. Fitting, given that his practice is built on upcycling and carefully hand-dyeing once-loved textiles.

The Cardiff-based designer graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2020, having been supported by the Kering Scholarship for Sustainability. He had already made a name for himself by his graduation, catching Dazeds eye with his 2018 BA collection, and winning the Fashion Makes Sense Award the same year. His work also featured in Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show in 2019.

Launching his unisex atelier FARFALLAPAOLINO in 2020, Carzana expanded upon the approach he developed during his design education, crossing sustainable manufacture with wellbeing. “I believe creativity plays an instrumental part in supporting our mental health,” the designer says. Erratic and artisanal in their construction, Carzana’s one-off garments are crafted from pineapple leather, organic cotton muslin and recycled nylon, and dyed with natural ingredients such as turmeric, frankincense, witch hazel and lavender, chosen for their healing properties.

For Carzana, fashion must be underpinned by purpose at every step, and he represents a future for fashion that gives back more than it takes. 

Text Sophie Benson

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