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Age - 31
London, United Kingdom
I’d make a short film about Thai spiritual beliefs and how they affect the mental health and wellbeing of local people

We’re living, Strong Theveethivarak believes, “in a world where it often feels like there isn’t much hope.” But with a creative language couched in spiritual beliefs, the Thailand-born, London-based designer knows where it can be found. Launched in 2019, his label Strongthe is a pursuit of good fortune.

Tailored with a deft yet delicate hand, Strongthe pieces balance tradition with a contemporary vision. Pared-down talisman flags are strung from shoulder to wrist, and signature knots and ties evoke Thailand’s colourfully adorned sacred trees. Theveethivarak’s latest collection, You Tell Me, draws on the comforting certainty of a fortune teller unpicking the way forward for you; an assurance many would cherish right now as we beg for just a few days of precedented times.

Two collaborations with PZToday and Idea Books exhibited Theveethivarak’s eye for the kind of playful, instant-hit designs that are guaranteed to cut through, while his use of deadstock fabrics and his conceptual knitwear work for X Museum’s The Endless Garment exhibition demonstrate an understanding of the urgency for better manufacturing practices. A designer rooted in tradition, who’s moving unflinchingly towards his fortune.

Text Sophie Benson

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