Age - 32
Shanghai, China
I want to develop unisex athletic heels, to create shoes desired by all without the limitation of genders

Gaming, sci-fi, sportswear and couture collide in Sensen Lii’s designs. The Chinese-born designer’s brand, Windowsen, which is named after the Windows operating system, was founded in 2019 and exists to dress inhabitants of the future, or “Trans forming, non-gendered physical beings” as described in the film for his Sport Couture 2021 collection, “Barbie with the Chinese zodiac”.

Layer upon layer of tightly packed tulle creates silhouettes that defy gender, while his undulating corsets bring digital glitches into the physical space. A graduate of the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Sensen Lii is a VFILES Show Design winner. He created a conceptual collection for Nike in 2020 as part of its Move to Zero initiative, and has been featured in Dazed, W, Purple and Coeval. His creations have also graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, yet Lii insists that “my career highlight is on its way”.

Also on its way is a spring/summer collection, and, he hopes, a new line of alien-meets-athletic shoes. “I want to create shoes desired by all, without the limitation of genders,” Lii says. 

Text Sophie Benson

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