Flock Together

Flock Together

London, United Kingdom
We’d expand the Flock Together Academy that teaches underprivileged children about the living things around them
Flock Together

Every child is a birder, they just don’t know it yet. At least that’s what Flock Together believe. Unpicking perceptions about naturalists, the London-based collective combats the underrepresentation of Black and brown people and people of colour in nature with its monthly birdwatching walks.

“It is well documented that green space is conducive to a happy state of being and can broaden the imagination. Our community has been shut out of this space until now,” say Creative Director Ollie Olanipekun and Youth Sports Coach Nadeem Perera, the duo behind Flock Together. “We create radical protest merely walking in rural England as a group.”

With global scope, having opened chapters in New York and Toronto (others are ready to launch this summer), the collective is never static in its ambitions. Their Flock Together Academy launched this year to bring underprivileged children into the fold too, offering a nature-focused curriculum. “As much as I have always loved nature, I have also always believed in the fight for the equality of my people and it is truly a moment of humility and beauty for me to be able to merge these two things,” says Perera.

Text Sophie Benson

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