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Glue Skateboards

New York, United States
We want to produce our second full-length video, to set an example of queer representation in skateboarding and beyond
Glue Skateboards

“I want queer and trans folks, not only to see themselves represented in this industry, but to feel safe and welcomed,” said professional skateboarder Leo Baker, when they featured on the 2020 Dazed 100 list as the founder of NYC Skate Project. Now spearheading a new, queer NYC skate collective, Glue Skateboards, they’ve taken the sport one step closer to that vision in 2021.

Co-founded by Baker alongside musician Cher Strauberry and artist Stephen Ostrowski, Glue launched with an editorial in Thrasher in November 2020. Its first full length skate video – titled Smut – followed in January this year, ahead of a feature in Dazed’s Spring 2021 print issue.

Smut follows in the footsteps of all the best skate videos (2005’s iconic Baker 3 is cited as an influence) in allowing individual personalities to shine through; experimental skating is intercut with raw footage of Hormone Replacement Therapy and other lo-fi vignettes from the skaters’ lives.

Now, Glue’s second full-length project is in the works, and a grant from the Dazed 100 Ideas Fund would be “crucial”. “We would use funding to produce a video including trips for filming street skating,” the collective says. “We want to set an example of queer representation in skateboarding and beyond.”

Text Thom Waite

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