Yann Turchi

Yann Turchi

Age - 29
Paris, France
I’d create an educational series on working with Black hair and advocate for hair schools to use it in their programme
Yann Turchi

Taking inspiration from anything and everything around him, Yann Turchi creates evocative, inventive hairstyles that draw you in and compel you to keep returning again and again. 

Born in Thionville, in north-eastern France, Turchi’s bicultural background has played a vital role in his artistic vision and provided him rich inspiration for his work. Now based in Paris, whether the hairstylist-cum-wig artist is creating looks for Supriya Lele and Vivienne Westwood campaigns or collaborating on editorials with the likes of Harley Weir and his hero Paolo Roversi, his work always celebrates and advocates for diversity.

It’s not just through his own creations that Turchi is pushing for change either. He is currently focusing his efforts on improving the education and training hair stylists receive around diverse types of hair, education that was woefully lacking during his own years of training. In an industry that has a long history of ignorance when it comes to Black hair, Turchi is helping to lead meaningful, tangible change.

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